Around 30 of the roughly 350 members of volleyball club Amsterdam are recreational players. As a recreational player you practice once a week and you don't take part in the official competition.

This group consists both of people who've played volleyball for a while, of people who've played in the official competition before but also of people who have just started playing volleyball. The group practices on its own court and are taught at their level. Chances are that there's always the right level for you within our group of recreational players.

The recreational players practice on Monday in the van Laan van Spartaan from 21:15. 

Next to the practice sessions there's the possibility to play games against other recreational players. Recreational tournaments are being held throughout the season, usually on Friday nights, check the site of the Nevobo (Dutch Volleyball Association) for more information on the dates 

If this has piqued your interest and want to join us for a practice training session, then the best way is to get in touch with our technical committee for details. The first two practice sessions are free of charge and after that, you'll have to make up your mind if you want to join us or not. For more information please contact the head of our technical committee here